The enterprise aims to extend gratitude to great mother love at the beginning of establishment and requite mother and the society with a grateful and honest heart. Tawny daylily and Xuantang indicated mother in ancient time. YOSTO contains the meaning to make mother feel pleasure.
悦吾众兮心相连, 萱草盛兮恩泽绵。 堂正诚兮世所赞, 美而惠兮奉君前。
This poem fully exhibits the principle of creating YOSTO: always keep a grateful heart, and honest mind. Create Syrinx brand with quality product, fair price to foster new customs of the industry. Adhere to the original intention of gratitude, practice the promise of care and realize the value of life.
Create the healthy, beautiful, delightful and happy life by providing quality, fair price products and career opportunity.
Keep forging ahead constantly on the road of love and beauty, and never give up. In order to realize the healthy and beautiful enterprise vision, YOSTO not only has a great number of scientific and technological talents but also reaches strategic cooperative relationship with multiple skin care products organizations all the year round at the same time. YOSTO has reached strategic cooperation with Korean COSMAX and Japanese KOLMAR successively to provide a series of excellent skin care products and healthy products to Chinese consumers. Korean COSMAX is ranked at the first ten places in the world with registered capital about 10 billion Yuan and is certified as qualified enterprise for international CGMP excellent cosmetics manufacturing and quality management standard. KOLMAR has specialized in product development of cosmetic Industry for more than 100 years and has created numerous excellent skin care brands. These enterprises are cooperative and research organization of a great number of brands such as Procter & Gamble, Estee Lauder, Clinique, YSL, SK-II, Dior and Shiseido, etc.The high management level of the company is a group of Industrial personnel who dedicate their life to beauty and healthy career, including the ever senior executive of Global 500, scientific research personnel specializing in development and manufacturing of cosmetics and health care products as well as beauty advisors and healthy advisors engaging in the beauty industry for dozens of years. At the same time, YOSTO always sticks to people first and introduces scientific and technical personnel and management personnel and has trained a great batch of sales elites and Beauty & Health personnel. As electronic commerce and micro commerce in China develops quickly and Chinese consumers expect better product quality, the product quality of syringx are recognized by consumers, many products are sold very well and becomes authentic reputation products. YOSTO is a cosmetic and health enterprise integrating development, production, consulting and sale and located at Huangzhou, a quality city. The unique geographical environment and thick humanistic feelings casts the enterprise concept of adhering to love and beauty of YOSTO so as to create a healthy, beautiful, delightful and happy story with the spirit of honesty and integrity, gratitude and dedication and quality insistence.

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